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Starting Your Own House Cleaning Service

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, civilian labor force participation rate as of April this year, rose to 65.8 percent. On the other hand, studies show that more than 50% of the American household population has both parents working, and more and more couples who have earned degree and even high school diploma prefer to both handle jobs. In addition, there have been reported a growing number of divorces that has led many single parents to have different part-time and full-time jobs just to sustain their family’s needs.

Because much of the labor force is completely occupied by their work, people nowadays do not have anymore time to clean their own houses. Also, since most of working people are already tired every day after going to work, cleaning their own home for them seems to be really a daunting task. However, they have still always wanted to have their homes as clean and neat as possible because that is the only place where they could get the best comfort they almost always sought after. And with this demand in cleaning due to the increasing busy workforce, the industry of providing cleaning services emerged.

Because of home cleaning services, working people need not to worry anymore about their dirty kitchens, stinking bathrooms, and messy bedrooms while they were still working because in just one call, they can already have an immediate maid service. Maid cleaning services gives all the solutions for any household cleaning anxiety.

If you’re planning to build your own cleaning service business and be a part of this newly booming industry, it is considerable to find the right advice on how to start doing this kind of business. First, you must seek advice from the nearest janitorial supply shop in you area. Most likely, they may be the suppliers of some cleaning services and they may have known lot things about it. You can ask their help to give you some secret techniques and strategies on how you could start your own cleaning business appropriately. Since you are already a prospective client of their supplies store, they may give all the narratives, stories, and tips you could get on how you could immediately open your own cleaning business.

Aside from asking the cleaning products suppliers in your place, you can also learn a lot from a small but running cleaning business. Project yourself as trustworthy who has good intentions and who is always to help. Also, try to establish relationship with other cleaning business to acquire more advices and suggestions that may be useful for you sooner or later. When you already begin in your cleaning business, make sure that you still make contact with the business owners who helped you along the way. Ensure that you do not steal their customers and if in case your business gets bigger and it seems that you cannot anymore accommodate all clients, you may ask the help of other cleaning services.

Lastly, you can also find many tips and hints on how to start up cleaning business online. Though these are usually free, most of the detailed and complete ones come with a price tag. But still, all the cost and expenses will eventually pay off once you already succeed in your cleaning business.

Learn How to start a house cleaning service, visit

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Henderson Glass Washing And Window Cleaning In Las Vegas

Imagine you’re driving up to a Las Vegas Taco Bell, you just ordered your mexican food, and you’re looking forward to that employee that’s coming to the window to give you all your food, and all of a sudden they have a Burger King shirt on. And you’re wondering, “This is Taco Bell, right?”. That is one thing that is so important. When you have a Las Vegas window cleaning company that comes over and is there to clean your windows or power wash your drive way, you should know where they’re from.

When the Las Vegas window cleaning company shows up at your door they need to be representing themselves well. They need to have the uniform that represents their company. You want to know who they are. Typically the way a window cleaning company represents themselves will be the way that they’ll actually perform the work on the job. Their quality of work, their service, the professionalism they give you. The way a window cleaning company represents themselves will be a reflection on their work: the quality of their work and the professionalism that you will receive from them.

After you hire a Las Vegas window cleaning company, and they clean your windows, they look great, but now you’re wondering, “Well how often should I clean them?”. And that’s a questions that I get asked by clients numerous times: “On what schedule should I get my windows cleaned?” It really depends on two things: 1. Your budget and 2. How much do you care about your windows?

An average Las Vegas house has thousands of dollars of glass, and so you want to protect that glass. If you don’t clean the windows on a regular basis, you could have problems such as corrosion, especially from hard water. A lot of the time, hard water will put etches into your glass; meaning it burns holes into your glass. Window cleaning on a regular basis is the best way to prevent that. People ask me how often they should have it cleaned. I would recommend at least every three months. If you don’t want to do it every three months, I would have the outside window cleaned at least every six months, and then have the inside and out of all of your glass done once a year. I highly recommend that – it will keep your glass look great, and it should keep it corrosion free for years to come.

One good question to ask when you’re looking for a Las Vegas window cleaning company to use is “do they use their own window cleaning equipment”. Now, what I mean by their own equipment is: they shouldn’t be asking you to use anything. They should have their own ladders, their own tools, and they should have a company truck. They should be able to get there, to your house, get the job done, and be able to leave without using any of your things.

So, when they actually clean your windows and put the ladders up and and clean your screens, they’ll be able to have the right tools and do the job correctly. They COULD ask you to use some of your tools, but you probably won’t have the right tools to do the job properly. And so that’s how you can know if a window cleaning company is established, and if they’re legit they should have all the right tools, all of them on hand, and they should be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Fully professional and fully equipped is what you’re looking for when you’re trying to find a window cleaning company.

Las Vegas Window Cleaning Company – J & J Window Wash has been offering window cleaning and pressure washing services in Las Vegas for over 7 years, and has cleaned millions of windows. We’re so confident that we’re the best Las Vegas window cleaning service in the valley, that if you let us clean your windows, and we’re not the best window cleaning company you’ve ever worked with, we’ll refund your entire investment, no questions asked. For more information and articles just like this, visit us at

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Telescopic Window Cleaning

There cannot be anything worse than trying to reach the top bedroom windows of your home on a wobbly old ladder which looks like it could give way at any second if you are cleaning the window. This is not only particularly dangerous but also an ineffective way of cleaning windows properly. It is necessary for you to take a look at how the professionals do it with telescopic window cleaning.


Seek Out The Dirt Up High

Now you can do window cleaning your with your own fair hands thanks to the new approach in home maintenance. There’s no need to get the steps out and climb up them in the hope that waving a squeegee just close to the top window will actually have some effect. With telescopic window cleaning, the hard days are gone and you can now cut down the maintenance time by a good few hours. Steps and ladders are notoriously dangerous and even they wont always help you reach those hard to get to places at the top of your house. By standing on the ground and using a longer cleaning tool, you can reach the areas you wouldn’t dare try and get to before. In fact, there may be some areas that haven’t been reached for such a long time that they need a just a little bit more care and attention with your new window cleaning tool.


Reduced Danger Levels

The telescopic cleaning poles extend to give you enough height to reach those high up places. In some cases it may be necessary to stand on the first couple of rungs of a ladder in order to reach up extremely high, but this isn’t half as dangerous as having to stand on the top rung and extend your arm fully. Now you have the easy way of cleaning windows, and an increasing number of people are following suit.


DIY Fans Listen Up

You don’t need to pay to get the window cleaners round when you can do it yourself via a telescopic cleaning pole. Window cleaners often have many homes to do on a particular street and therefore they might rush your home in order to move on to another. Time is always of the essence with busy workmen. However, if you like DIY and feel confident that you can clean your own windows then there is certainly no reason why you can’t take on the cleaning duties yourself. With your trusty telescopic window cleaning pole in your hand, you can do just as good a job as the professionals, and save yourself some cash too. You can get the dirt that has been building up at a high-level with the right tools for very little cost.


Telescopic cleaning poles really do make light work of any difficult cleaning situation.


Author Mark Woodcock is a Webmaster of a wide variety of online speciality shops including a very popular site on Telescopic Window Cleaning. Visit today.

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House Cleaning Between Visits from your Domestic Cleaning Company

Hiring a domestic cleaning service is one of the most economical things you can invest in these days. Everyone is so rushed all the time, and having someone take over the mundane task of house cleaning will free up your time for more important things. Free time is something we’re all running short on, so having assistance with house cleaning is like buying your self some extra time. You can use your time any way you wish and certainly you can think of things to do with your extra time, maybe you can join that Yoga class or an organized sport, or just take the kids to a local park and really play with them.

Even if you have a domestic cleaning specialist to help you, there are some very quick things you can do to assure that your house is properly maintained between visits from your house cleaning company. You don’t need to clean your house before the domestic cleaning employee visits you, but by doing a little bit of maintenance between visits can keep infection causing germs to a minimum but you will also be able to maintain the life of carpets, help keep creepy crawly bugs away, and keep your house presentable between cleanings.

Taking care of your carpets between visits from the house cleaning company will extend the life of your carpet. An upright vacuum is normally recommended for most carpets and keeping them clean is the trick to making them last longer. If you keep your vacuum’s roller and brushes clean your vacuum will be more effective. Using a fabric softener sheet in the bag or filter will allow a wonderfully fragrant scent to fill any room you vacuum.

Another thing we can do to assist the domestic cleaning process is to avoid clutter during the week between visits. Since house cleaning specialists rarely throw out anything other than the trash in the trash can, place a large decorative basket in a centrally located spot in the main room of your house. Toss newspapers and magazines and other like items in the basket to keep them from collecting on tables though out your home. By keeping clutter put in one place, you can easily empty the basket when it gets full and it makes your home feel less cluttered.

After every meal served at your table you should remove everything from the table and clean it thoroughly. Clean placemats and chairs too. Your domestic cleaning company should clean the windows, sills, and dust your curtains, but you should have the curtains cleaned every three to six months to keep them dust and allergen free. Sweep floors often, or vacuum if they are carpeted to avoid attracting any creepy crawling bugs.

Hiring a cleaning company is a smart move, and checking up after the domestic cleaning crew is imperative to keeping them on their toes. Some tend to slack off if they think no one is checking. If you have a problem with your house cleaning company call them immediately and have them come and correct the problem.

To find a House cleaning company to help maintain a clean home, you can go online now and find Domestic cleaning specialists at 0800HouseCleaning.

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How to keep your pool clean and what supplies do you need?

Swimming is becoming an activity enjoyed by more and more people in the comfort and privacy of their own backyards, rather than something that’s only enjoyed in hotels or on vacations.

Even with the advent of new technologies, pool cleaning and maintenance can still be a cumbersome task but it’s not as tedious process as it used to be. Additionally, though hiring a pool maintenance professional is the way that many pool owners are opting for so they can simply enjoy the pool without the muss and fuss of cleaning.

If you opt to clean your own pool it’s easier than ever before because of the access you have to products on the market. Here are some tools we like for keeping your pool clean and healthy for your family and friends:

Brushes – The straight and corner brushes are used to scrub debris and algae and come with suction to clear out the debris that was removed
Skimmers – A skimmer also helps keep insects, leaves and other debris out of the pool. Leaves clog filters and can stick to the sides of the walls and floor, making a slippery mess
Testing kits – In addition to having your cleaning supplies, you need a testing kit to make certain the chemical levels are in balance.
Pool filters – remove bacteria and small dirt particles that enter the pool; the filters need to be checked and cleaned regularly.
Pool cleaners – these devices also clean up the sediment that settles on the bottom of the pool and sometimes get into the hard to reach places. There are robotic pool cleaners on the market which make this task even easier than before.

Keeping your water clean and bacteria and debris-free is essential to providing a safe swimming experience for all those who frolic in the pool. Whether you undertake the maintenance yourself or hire a professional, ongoing pool cleaning is essential. 

Robbi Hess is a blogger/editor for where she blogs about all things pool-related.

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Know about rug cleaning

A simple accessory that makes a home a more comfortable place is the humble rug.  They are an everyday home décor factor that is available in a range of shape, sizes and materials. A rug can lift the look of a dull living room. In winters it makes living and even bedroom spaces so much cozier. The most important thing to owning a rug is being able to look after it and maintain it. Rug cleaning can be an elaborate process depending on how expensive the piece is and the material used. Of course, the amount of dust and grime that needs to be taken off too is important. While small foot rugs can be washed in the machine, there are others that will need special care.

For rugs that are slightly bigger in size, you can take the outside and beat the dust out of them, following which they can go through a round in the washing machine. But there are rugs that are made of expensive material that need the attention of specialized products as well as cleaners. Those companies that provide professional rug cleaning services use specialized machines to help with the process. They improve the extent of cleaning as well. The rugs are first hand-washed and put into these specialized machines. The cleaning here is done with gentle but strong nylon brushes. These help remove the dust and grime that lodges itself on the rug and its fibers.

The cleaning solution used in this has a maintained pH level and the pressure of the water is also monitored. The machine works such that it goes to the depth of each layer and inch of the rug. The process, though intensive, works at restoring the rug’s original look and sheen is part of the process. Many professionals also apply steam to the rug. This is largely for antique and heirloom rugs.

Oriental Rug Care provides the highest quality rug cleaning & carpet cleaning services to the New York Business Community and the Tri-State Area. We are Specialize in oriental rug cleaning such as Persian, Pakistani, Afghani, Chinese, Indian, Antique, Silk and hand made.

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House Cleaning With Dust Collector

If you want to make cleaning a no-sweat task, get one of those dust collectors used in heavy duty industries and dusty workplaces such as in cement factories and other similar works. They are not just suitable for cleaning up such dusty environment; in fact, having them at home is necessary especially if you live in a dusty area. These devices usually have bags that need to be emptied regularly for a more effective house cleaning.

A dust collector is composed basically of a motor and a bag. The motor sucks up the dust collected during the cleaning process and sends it to the collector bag. The size of the machine varies depending on your cleaning needs.

The collector can be attached directly to the machine or can be transferred from one motor to another. They can also be hidden in a cabinet while some dust collectors dangle freely with the machine.

The dust collector is an important aspect of the equipment. It may have several or double pockets or a bin vent. Pick a model that can be easily attached to the machine thru a firm gasket from a reputable manufacturer to ensure easy installation, replacement and an overall hassle-free cleaning.

Since the efficiency of the machine is affected by the dust collector bag, enhance it by applying coatings and by choosing the right fiber for a long lasting use. The usual fibers used for these bags are cotton which can be treated with a flame retarding agent, acrylic co-polymer, acrylic homo-polymer which is recommended for high temperature cleaning, polyester, nylon which is known for its flexibility and durability, fiberglass, polypropylene, Teflon and others.

There are different types of these devices in the market but for you to be able to determine the right machinery for an effective house cleaning, take a look at the type of dust which can be found inside your home and use it as a basis for getting a dust collector bag.

These bags are available in different shapes and sizes but all of them require periodic cleaning. After cleaning, shake the bags mechanically, manually or with the use of jet pulse.

Eventually, you would need to replace the bag for this device. Call your favorite online or local store for assistance.

Visit Glenn Salazar’s new website to get the most valuable tips on dust collector bags, learn all about them and learn about sales and price reductions. If you are in dust collector parts, this site is a spot where you have to go.

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Cleaning Company

We are advancing and serve you yet another mile. There’s a will need regarding fresh air duct cleansing firms when dust, soil, dander, together with some other air contaminants made an appearance visible.

Telephone us all now and acquire our $ 50 off in our renowned

Several establishments for instance high-rise condos, eating places, pharmacies, places of work, academic establishments are merely happy with only duct purifying organization because they’re simply too active to be able to store about. Toronto Air-duct Cleansing is Ontario WSIB/CSPAAT certified and recognized and is also fully insured as well as bonded liability and also proud member from a Paisley Manor Insurance coverage, Corporation.

Trying various other industrial duct cleaning companyâeuro™s organizations doesn’t truly hurt you. At situations we just have the thinking process of staying in our very own comfort zone and just be trapped in a fear to think that some other company could quite possibly damage. Greater Air Duct Cleaningâeuro™s methodology abides making use of the tips inside the Canadian National Clean air Duct Cleansers Association or NADCA.

Feel innovation of suppliers, others may just carry out the common.

In downtown Gta, commercial duct cleaning fighting are competing this is not on how really a handful of establishments theyâeuro™ve serviced yet on how they do the particular occupation nicely. Test our companies, along with youâeuro™ll see how weâeuro™ll create a variation and effect with your confines with a wonderful top quality indoor oxygen. Because desired, the areas can possibly be zoned off to help make specific the whole strategy is properly cleaned.

Our courteous experts will advise you the reason why as these. Your homeâeuro™s air-duct programs are entirely pre-inspected by our professionals and inform you while using vital fresh air duct purifying companies theyâeuro™ll supply you, the price of these products, and can give you using the option to get solutions besides duct purifying on your own. Whenever additional occupation must become completed, the idea implies added service fees on the other hand you will probably be informed on the other options necessary being completed inside duct get the job done like air conditioner filter replacement, humidifier mat, dryer vent cleaning, un-leak hoses, etc. Most of home masters are not conscious about whatâeuro™s inside their air ducts with household, a lot a lot less care about it as a consequence of another priorities for carrying on.

Certainly, this will differ based on the disorders of your properties. When we claim getting 1 from the very best in industrial duct washing in Toronto, we could not deny the truth that other people might possess the crab mentality associated with grabbing or yanking us down. It is actually in no way wrong must why is there a necessity to have for various other firms on main from the duct cleaning all on your own. 1 level you need to be aware and be mindful with if the company is insured as well as bonded having a in a position insurance corporation pertaining to particular amount to include inevitable damages about properties.

Simply by getting your air channels cleaned regularly by the duct cleansing services firm you will support help the indoor air fantastic high quality inside your dwelling, and increases the usefulness of oneâeuro™s heating/cooling program, that might perhaps decrease decrease power consumption expenditures.

The author loves to write anything about Commercial Duct Cleaning Toronto Cleaning Company such as the rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””> Air Duct Cleaning and Duct Cleaning Toronto.

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Zodiac Pool Cleaners

Zodiac pool cleaners are one of the most effective and reliable pool cleaners available today that operate without any human supervision. You just might dread the thought of cleaning your pool yourself and hire professionals. But have you ever given thought to making pool cleaning easier and less expensive for yourself. With Zodiac pool cleaners, you get sparkling crystal clear pools that are as clean as with a professional service. Moreover, it certainly is more economical when you get your own pool cleaner, and while you are getting a cleaner, it always pays in the long run to purchase a high quality cleaner.

Zodiac Pool Cleaners for Different Types of Pools

The performance of these pool cleaners will vary depending up on the size, depth and shape of your pool. Some pool cleaners are better suited to some types of pools than others.

Cleaning for Above Ground Pools: For cleaning up above ground pools, the Zodiac Zoom and Zodiac Zippy pool cleaners are good options. They are especially suited for pools that are relatively level at the bottom. These Zodiac models get rid of any debris, be it insects, leaves or twigs, from your swimming pool quite efficiently and noiselessly. They can clean up a large pool in about an hour.

Cleaning for Sunken Swimming Pool: Zodiac has an array of automatic pool cleaners for cleaning up sunken pools, such as the Mars HP, Indigo, G3 and G4. If you are looking for a Zodiac pool cleaner with an affordable price tag, the Zodiac Pacer is the best bet.

Technology Used in Zodiac Pool Cleaners

Here are some of the latest Zodiac innovations that are incorporated in all Zodiac pool cleaners.

1. Zodiac pool cleaners incorporate the Vortex Technology, which enables the cleaners to produce constant powerful cyclonic suction during the cleaning cycle. By changing the placement of the pump motor, along with the hydraulic flow, the Vortex technology integrated within the cleaner creates a powerful whirlpool effect inside the filter. The debris is put into suspension, thus preventing the filter from clogging.

2. The Clip and Fix technology enables quick changing of the brush.

3. The ISS (Intelligent Steering System) enables intelligent navigation during cleaning action.

4. The Wide Trax tires provide the pool cleaners with better adherence and exceptional maneuverability.

Whatever you are looking for, be it automatic pool cleaners or other pool equipment and accessories, you will find them at This online retailer offers a wide range of pool accessories and equipment from the world’s leading brands specializing in pool equipment.

Want to learn more on Zodiac pool cleaners? Come over to my site for the best articles on Swimming Pool Cleaners.

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Why Not Replace Healthcare Damp Mopping With Steam Mopping?

How often do you have to change your mopping solution when cleaning a patient room and other healthcare areas? How many times you spread germs and bacteria over and over with damp mopping? How intense your disinfectants or chemical based cleaners kills dangerous unwanted microorganisms?

Healthcares require a higher level of sanitation and infection control system. The use of damp mopping method will not meet the high standard of cleanliness required for healthcare. Changing the cleaning solution bucket every 2 or 3 patient rooms are very time-consuming procedure and is not enough to disinfect it. The solution itself gets dirty and when mop on the floor merely redistributes the bacteria.

Some of the disadvantages of using ordinary mops are: they deteriorate quickly; have limited absorbent and most often they tend to shrink when washed and needs to be replaced thus increased your cleaning cost.

On the other hand, steam mopping works in a different way. It works fast and effective on healthcare floor cleaning and even on ceilings and walls. At temperature of 120, its dry steam kills 99.9 percent bacteria on contact. Steam mop melts and emulsifies all dirt, mold, grease and scum. No need to refill mop buckets or even add chemicals. It’s a method that does not recycle dirty water on the bucket. With just a single pass of steam mop, surfaces are surely disinfected, sanitized and cleaned well.

The best thing about steam mops are: they are extremely light and very easy to use. Just simply glide over in one forward pass to clean. They also have a long power cord that helps cleaning small or large floor areas without unplugging it from the outlet. Duplex thermoglide steam mops will clean twice as fast and twice as clean thereby increasing productivity which, is a great advantage to healthcares and other industries.

Moreover, steam mop like the Thermoglide steam mop when attached to any steam cleaner uses the superheated dry steam produced and a microfibre cloth pads to sweep, mop, degrease and sanitize all surfaces. Microfibre cloths are cleaning supplies that are ideal for cleaning because of its quality, soft yet durable, highly absorbent, and stain resistant to oil that boasts an incredible cleaning power when used wet or dry and does not require chemicals.

Steam mop is one great technology of cleaning equipment that can surpass even the strictest hygiene standards of healthcares.

So why not replace that old damp mopping with a new and effective steam mopping method. It is a unique solution that does not only makes cleaning maintenance fast and easy but also saves labour and cleaning cost, indeed an economical solution to many industries without contributing any problem to the environment.

For more information and free demonstration, visit or call Duplex Cleaning Machines leading supplier of exclusive range of commercial and industrial cleaning machines throughout Australia and New Zealand.