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Japanese Garden Furniture

Asian-style decor has become quite popular among Westerner’s in recent years. Japanese gardens are influenced by Buddhist, Shinto and Taoist philosophies with the thought that such influences will bring spirituality to the garden. It is with this hope that Japanese-style gardens have pieces such as garden benches, fountains and shoji screens. A Japanese-style garden is a place to meditate, relax and enjoy nature.

Japanese garden benches come in several styles. There are stone benches that have curves rather than straight lines. Rolls, swirls and carved dragon faces are some of what decorate these backless stone benches. Place by a pond with bamboo surrounding it and you will feel as if you have just stepped into a true Japanese garden. Opposite of these rounded benches with dragons carved on the side are simple teak benches, also backless. The teak slats are so close together that it almost looks like a single piece of wood. Stained a honey color, these benches are subtle and invite one to sit and enjoy the garden.

For a garden with lots of space you might consider an outdoor dining set. A slatted teak table, a perfect square in amber tones, compliments 4 teak chairs with a black stain. This set has clean lines and is very contemporary, yet the amber teak hints of Japan. Place a shoji screen at one corner, a fountain nearby and a statue of Buddha to set the scene for many serene dinners outdoors.

The sound of water is often present in Japanese gardens. Water represents serenity and purity and is therefore often used in gardens whether it is a pond, a small stream or a fountain. Whether it is the sound of flowing water, trickling water or the sound of water falling into water is a matter of preference. Consider a Japanese-style fountain. There are many styles to choose from. One popular style is a stone fountain that has a column with a lantern at the top. Water spouts out just below the lantern and lands in a large stone bowl. There are several patinas to choose from and each one is made to look aged and weathered. The soft lighting with the sound of water trickling into the stone bowl will make evenings outside a serene and relaxing experience.

Whether you choose a single piece of Japanese inspired outdoor furniture, or many pieces, your garden will most definitely be enhanced by it, and will become a much more enjoyable area to be in for you and your family, as well as an guests you have in your home.

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How To Clean A Bathroom

Everybody uses the bathroom several times a day, which makes it one of the fastest places to get dirty inside the home. If you live by yourself, cleaning the bathroom every weekend should be enough. But when several people live under one roof, cleaning the bathroom needs to come more often. A clean bathroom is VERY important to have — all sorts of nasty bacteria can breed quite quickly if you become somewhat relaxed with your bathroom cleaning routine. And then there is the dreaded shower grout problem that builds up and becomes more difficult to get rid of the longer you leave it to clean.

Aside from your health, the state of your bathroom can also have a bearing on your social life. If guests realize you keep a rather filthy bathroom, they probably wouldn’t accept any more invitations to parties at your house in the future!

Cleaning the bathroom is quite easy once you have the right tools and supplies. For starters, you’ll want to have stain-removing cleaners for the toilet and cleaning ceramic tiles, whitening products for white surfaces, and solutions to disinfect and deodorize. There are plenty of all round cleaners on the market that you can use for most things – like bleach or cream cleanser such as Jif. You may however, need to invest in a purpose made toilet bowl cleanser to get underneath the rim. The ‘Toilet Ducks’ are very good for this.

You’ll need special scrubbers for the tiles, grout and the toilet. For large bathroom floor areas, a mop may be more useful than a scrubber or sponge. If you’re using chemical-based bathroom cleaners, you may also want to use rubber/latex gloves, a mask, and perhaps some goggles to stay safe.

If you want to go green and prefer to use non-toxic solutions then using bathroom cleaning products with natural ingredients may be the answer. Natural ingredients are milder than chemicals, and are naturally biodegradable, meaning they’re better for the environment.

Whether you choose the natural or chemical path, you can use my basic three-step process that shows you how to clean a bathroom:

#1 – Have the cleaning solution ready. Most cleaning agents need to be diluted in certain amounts of water to have the fullest effect. Read the labels and follow the instructions!

#2 – Apply the mixture on any stain and dirt buildup, and let stand for three minutes or longer if the grout stains are really bad. Then when the stain and dirt has softened up a bit, scrubbing becomes easier. Some tougher stains may require undiluted cleaners, or more time to sit and break apart little by little.

#3 – Scrub the area well to break any stains, dirt, and grime away from the surface. Then rinse the area with clean water and leave to dry. In a busy house where you can’t wait for things to dry up on their own, use a mop.

It’s also possible to give your bathroom a quick clean-up even without traditional cleaners. Check your cupboard and see if you have any baking soda. They mix well with ordinary dishwashing liquid and warm water, and the resulting mixture works pretty well for the above-mentioned steps.

It’s important to clean your bathroom(s) at least once a week to keep mildew, bacteria, and parasites from breeding. Clean bathrooms are also great for the good feeling they give you every time you walk in, so make the investment and turn bathroom cleaning into a habit!

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House Cleaning Services

House cleaning involves the various daunting day to day chores that are important to keep your house habitable and inviting. In spite of devoting hours in cleaning our house, we seldom succeed in getting our house brimming clean .To solve this conundrum, we sometimes hire salaried maids to take care of our house keeping and cleaning needs, but that too ends up in us, personally being involved in monitoring and training them and often reminding them of our specific needs again and again. This option not only proves to be a costly affair but also gets you stuck up with house chores in spite of paying for getting them done.

Here, the idea of getting the services of a house cleaning company, rids you of all your tardy affairs and gets you a house that shines with health. House Cleaning companies come with an array of schemes and plans to suit your individual needs. They provide you with professional and skilled house cleaners who would work their best to insure that you get the worth of what you invested. These house cleaners use the most advanced cleaning techniques and tools such as filtration vacuums, micro fiber towels etc. to perfectly clean the house that would immensely satisfy you and impress anyone who visits your house. Hiring a good cleaning company insures that your house is cleaned in the time you specified and you can easily continue with your plans rather than getting stood up by them. They are keen to provide you with the best they got to offer so that you turn up to them each time need arises

Cleaning consists of many tedious works which these house cleaners can finish off in a short span of time, such as rug cleaning, floor cleaning, cleaning your laundry and upholstery; dusting your furniture, managing your soft furnishing and garbage disposal. They excellently and easily handle more complex works also such as cleaning the immovable fixtures, air ducts, carpets and removing spots from it and keeping insects, bacteria and germs from thriving. They also provide specific cleaning, such as, cleaning your kitchen and its appliances, cleaning your pool, cleaning the store room etc.

These House Cleaning Companies have different plans for different pockets, so you need not worry about the amount of money you will have to invest .They are just a phone calls or click away to relieve you from your entire house cleaning hurdles.

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All About Tile Cleaning

The monochrome squares and equiangular floor tiles of the past century get changed by bettered marketing and production. Nowadays, all-inclusive kind of colorful tiles are in stock for use on counters, furniture, surrounds and in out-of-door places also on kitchen and bathroom floorings. Clean house tile based on area, kind and position. Though there’s great deal of commercialized cleaners on the marketplace, the little pricy and lightest to utilize are however the homemade cleansers.


Generally, we put in tile for their attractiveness and comfort of upkeep however their primary aim is to guard the structure below. It’s the healthful option to woods and rugs in areas like kitchens and bathrooms, where there is great humidness or stain in the atmosphere. Their attractiveness and gentle upkeep have furthered untraditional uses of these long-lasting adorning materials.


The absolute majority of tiles are made up with the finishing appropriate for usage on particular areas. Flooring tiles are by and large hard-fired to hold up the effect of furniture and feet. The finishing on tile lays out right from the difficult, even glitter of colorful ceramic tile or shiny granite, irregular texture of stone pit slate and stone. Someone who experiences more about tile or pro could counsel you more about kinds and finishing. Clean up all with the small scratchy or corrosive cleaner suggested for the kind.

The realities

Check out the producer suggestions for tile cleaning. Few trade cleanup solutions for the tile. Check out the components on commercialized cleansers; almost get detersive and several coloring and scents that you do not require. Almost producers suggest water or the gentle detersive. Utilize sodium carbonate or your popular home detergent, minding to rinse off considerably. All of the time utilize the soft sponge, fabric or mop to clean up tile and purchase the little brush to scrub up spots on the grout.

Hold on the spraying bottle with the firmer solution of convenient detergent and scrub up spots considerably with the soft brushing ahead before recurring to the equal mix of bleach and water. Set the usage of vinegar and some other acids on the grout and tiles – they could hurt the grout and, sometimes, still alter the vividness in porous or grout tile. If the tile has got the sealant that is led off to wear out, clean up with sealant cleanser and apply again a fresh coating of sealant.


Tile cleaning stays longer. Home grease and dirt could virtually wear out the finishing on even the shiniest tile. Consider the pieces of dirt and grit the grind of shoes into the floorings all time you walkway over the room. Dirt could blunt the ceramic tile, act upon into the porous surface tile cleaning and alter the entire appearance – and still the tile vividness. Maintain it neat to protect their attractiveness. And purchase the boot tray to order at back entrance.

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Gloucester Carpet Cleaner – Chem Dry And Steam Cleaning

This is the second in a series of articles about carpet cleaning. While particularly focused on the service provided by carpet cleaner companies in the Gloucester area the advice here is also appropriate wherever you happen to be. The first article looked at why householders should get their carpets cleaned regularly. This article looks at the two main, and competing, methods of carpet cleaning which carpet cleaner companies use.

There are two main methods of cleaning carpets. The first is known as the Chem Dry method. Chem Dry is a large international company which has set up a string of franchises in many countries enabling small local businesses to operate a carpet cleaner service using the Chem Dry method.

The method involves applying some non-toxic chemicals and a small amount of water to the carpets. The chemicals and water carbonate causing a an effervescent layer of bubbles to sit on top of the carpet and sink into the carpet fibres. The carbonation of the bubbles sucks in the dirt, chemicals, and other pollutants in the carpets and then the carbonating bubbles are extracted off the carpets.

The great advantage of this system is that it uses relatively small amounts of water. Consequently the carpets can dry out quickly, often within an hour or two of the cleaning job. Wet carpets are likely to absorb fresh dirt more easily and it is inconvenient for the householder for their carpets to be wet for a long time.

The other main method is called the hot water extraction method, often known as steam cleaning, although in reality it is hot water and not steam which is used. With this system very hot water and some chemical cleaning solution is pushed into the carpet and then the liquid is extracted with powerful vacuum cleaners. The method uses considerably more water than the Chem Dry method. The possible disadvantage of such a system is that it can leave the carpet damp for some considerable time which is an inconvenience but also can attract the dirt again into your carpets. If badly handled it could make your carpets far too wet causing the possibility of carpet shrinkage, but if well done it does clean carpets.

Both methods have strong advocates Those in favour of the hot water extraction methods consider that the Chem Dry method simply doesn’t clean as well as hot water extraction methods because you need enough hot water to properly clean and rinse a carpet. Those in favour of the Chem Dry method argue that it is not necessary to use so much water to clean carpets.

There is not definitive proof either way as to which method is better. Both methods seem to work. But to do either method right you are going to need fully trained professionals to do the job properly.

The next article will look at the research you need to do to be able to select the right carpet cleaning company for you.

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Organized House Cleaning

House cleaning sometimes feels like endless drudgery. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. With a bit of forethought and organization, one’s home can be kept cleaner with seemingly less effort. What’s the secret? Here are a few tips:

– Pick up as you go: The mess won’t pile up if you put items back into their proper spots after using them. After folding the clean laundry, don’t just leave folded piles on the back of the sofa. Have every member of the family grab their clean clothes and put them away. After paying the bills at the kitchen table, mail the envelopes and file the payment stubs. After playing a board game, put the pieces back into the box and place the whole box in the cupboard. Try to never leave anything in a place where it doesn’t belong once you’re finished using it. – Only touch the mail once: When the mail arrives, sort it into appropriate categories. Have a basket for bills and one for “needs a response.” If it’s junk mail, immediately shred and recycle or dispose of it. Don’t let it pile up on the counter or the accumulation will begin to feel overwhelming. – Keep counters, tabletops and desks cleared off: Don’t let piles of miscellaneous items stack up on these surfaces. Messy surfaces generate an appearance of chaos. – Train everyone in your household to make their bed as soon as they get up in the morning: Even the youngest child or most rebellious teenager can pull a comforter up over the bed sheets. When the bed is made, the whole room looks neater. – Once a week, set the timer for an hour and have everyone in the family clean till the buzzer rings. Feather dusting, wiping countertops, sweeping the floor and sterilizing the bathroom can all be done in a short amount of time if everyone in the household pitches in. When the hour is up, treat everyone to ice cream. – Twice a month, tackle one big job. Some examples of big jobs include polishing the woodwork, waxing the floors or dusting the mini-blinds. All of these items don’t need to be done every week. Just do one biggie every other week along with the quickie weekly cleanings and the house will be spic and span. – Every six months, clean out closets and drawers of clothing that no longer fits or hasn’t been worn for a while. Fill up boxes and black plastic bags to drop off at the local thrift store or Goodwill. There will never be an overstuffed feeling in clothing storage areas if they’re weeded out and maintained on a regular basis. – Rotate the food in the refrigerator every time you go grocery shopping. Don’t let items grow mold on the back of the shelves because new food gets shoved in front. A regular rotation will avoid wastefulness. – When a new item is purchased, such as a sweater, toy or socks, toss out one old one. If a sweater, toy or clothing item is in good shape, donate it to someone who can use it.

With a bit of organization and a house cleaning system, a person’s home should remain eternally tidy.

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How to keep your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen can be a difficult region to understand. It may be very easy to allow your kitchen to become untidy, benches full of each yesterdays and the current used utensils, dishes and food etc. Soon it’s stinky as well as grimy.
The key would be to stay on top using these kitchen cleaning ideas.

First if you will have to get on the surface of the cooking area. Clear the areas through putting away foods, washing up or even placing into the dish washer the actual used dishes and cooking food items. Remove undesirable items like totes or paper. Right now it will instantly look tidy and much more workable.

Now clean down all of the surfaces having a clean damp cloth. You may make an answer associated with drinking water and liquid dishwashing detergent and place right into a spray bottle. This will cope with the majority of places. Try to wipe down all surface area areas every day.

Provide your chopping boards a great scrub in hot soap and water. Leave out in order to atmosphere dry. If they are nevertheless smelly through cutting upward seafood garlic and so on. wipe over ? a lemon after that wash normally. Depart to atmosphere dry again.

Another area that may get smelly may be the rubbish disposal unit. In order to spruce up as well as clean place ? lemon in the unit as well as turn on with drinking water flowing in as well.

Wipe down any little appliances as an example the toaster oven, and put away.

Empty the rubbish bins as well as spray and wipe out inside. Attempt to do that every-day in your daily program.
Sweep or even mop the actual floors last.

If you cook daily after that eliminate your own stove and also over your cooking tops. Seek advice from the actual maker’s instruction manual if possible. The majority of stoves as well as cooking food tops can be cleaned out by utilizing merely making use of your home-made spray answer.

Once a week lift everything from your refrigerator and wipe lower the doorway and racks. Before replacing foods, it’s a good time for you to check up on those expiration times as well as dispose of any that have an run out use by day. To absorb odours in the refrigerator location a wide open the packet associated with cooking powder at the back of one of the shelves.

At least once a week wipe lower all cupboard doors. It is amazing exactly how food splatters as well as dirty finger marks appear to gather in it.

Monthly deal with the actual cupboards, perform one month. Lift everything away, clean lower the actual surfaces using your spray solution, after which substitute the items.

The very best arrange for your kitchen is to cleanup following planning any meals; you may have to train members of the family to follow this particular guideline too. Clean up any kind of splatters begin away. If you do this they’ll be easier to deal with and less chance of discoloration any kind of surfaces.

Now you have an essential home region, the kitchen, under control. Congratulations.

Keep your house clean with a shark steam cleaner , also you can get some closet organization systems to make your dwelling look more organized

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How Clean Is Your House

Carpets are one of the more expensive items you will buy when it comes to decorating your home. Providing comfort, warmth, insulation and complimenting any style of decor, carpets are a flexible, versatile floor covering and are consistently popular for decorating our homes. So, once we have spent all that money on buying and having them fitted, what do we do? Walk all over them the poor things! If they could talk, they would probably have a sorry tale to tell. Apart from the obvious day to day wear and tear we subject them too, accidents will happen. Spills and slops take their toll and even with regular vacuuming the most hard-wearing carpet will gradually begin to look tired.

In addition to the deterioration carpets suffer from over time, they also can provide a comfortable home for dust mites a significant cause of allergies and reactions. Regular cleaning will combat both the build up of dirt and micro-organisms; however manufacturers and industry experts strongly recommend having carpets cleaned professionally at least once every 18 months and ideally once a year.

Carpet Care and Attention:

There are three main approaches to keeping your carpets in good order. Firstly, and most obviously, vacuuming on a regular basis should be a priority. Experts recommend cleaning before carpets begin to show signs of dirt, so a good vacuum several times a week is really a must. Depending on your household you may want to clean carpets daily pets and children will treat carpets roughly! Small children spend a large amount of their time on the carpets and to minimise health risks vacuuming at least several times a week is essential.

Hallways, landings and other high traffic areas will need special attention and cleaning. Guarding against stains and cleaning up spills promptly is the second step to keeping carpets clean and fresh. Specialist products such as Scotchguard will prolong the life of your carpets and will also mean that spills will have less impact. Finally, the last step to maintaining healthy and clean carpets is to arrange for a professional carpet cleaning company to perform a thorough clean. As mentioned above, this should be ideally carried out once a year.

Why Use A Carpet Cleaning Company?

A professional carpet cleaning company will be able to offer you a complete service, cleaning and drying carpets where necessary. While there are options to perform this clean yourself, the time, effort and expertise required to do this job can be off-putting. A carpet cleaning company will have the expertise and equipment needed and can also offer advice on the best methods to use for your home. The cost of hiring a company as opposed to hiring equipment may be more expensive, however in the long term the benefits of having the work performed by professionals out-weight the costs.

There are two main types of cleaning methods. Steam cleaning or Hot Water Extraction as it is also known and chemical cleaning. Both methods are equally effective steam cleaning will remove 99% of harmful allergens in one simple treatment. While chemical methods are as effective, some people have concerns that the treatments may cause allergic reactions.

This is another reason to ensure the work is completed by professionals, who will be able to advise you on the best methods. Steam cleaning while a relatively simple process, should be undertaken by professionals to ensure that the carpets are not damaged by the water, and that they are dried properly to avoid dampness and potential problems with mould. As part of the cleaning process a professional company will also be able to offer treatments with products that protect the carpet.

Once completed, you will have fresh, enlivened, clean and healthy carpets. With continued regularly cleaning the lifetime and good-looks of your carpets will be significantly prolonged saving considerable expense in the long term.

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The Best Way to a Clean Toilet in a Snap

Cleaning bathrooms used to be the worst job on cleaning day only because of the toilet. I hate having to get rubber gloves, harsh chemicals, buckets and flimsy brushes just to get the rings and germs under control. But is it just me, or is it they never seem to get the job done completely? All that work for nothing but burning skin and eyes.

However a few years ago, I found a revolutionary tool that takes all the drudgery out of toilets; Steam Cleaners! This great little invention turns ordinary tap water into the most powerful and efficient cleaning secret ever. With super-heated water that is just about 300 degrees, extra dry steam vapor is added with 50 pounds of pressure to knock out any germs, mildew, and grime in a snap.

I start with my steam nozzle to get into the hinges and fittings (this is a great hiding spot for a whole array of germs, especially if you have little boys in your home.) Then I move to the back of the seat, and on to the seat and rim. Blasting all of the grime and debris in to the bowl of the toilet, we easily get rid of the mess by flushing everything down.

Now, we’re ready to do the bowl itself. Right after I’ve flushed, while the water is going down, follow with a steam nozzle and a scrubbing pad. This will eliminate the mildew ring and the scummy stuff out from under the rim.

If there is a hard water problem, you’ll need some help but, remember, I don’t like to use chemicals. Not only for the reasons I mentioned earlier, but when intense heat is added to the equation, the potency of those chemicals is intensified and even more harmful. I use an enhancer with orange oil and silica sand to cut through this hard mess. This will work wonders on hard water in combination with your steamer completely safely.

Now all that is left is the floor around the base, and to wipe everything off with a microfiber cloth to polish everything up. Look at that; an entire toilet, germs, hard water and all, totally clean in under 10 minutes! That is My Bathroom Secret!

My Name is Lisa, and I have been steaming my whole world clean with Sargent Steam for over 15 years now. You can get more information on making your home (or any other space in your life) cleaner in record time without harsh chemicals with our free videos at

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The importance of planning your house cleaning

Planning is always the basic to the success of so many factors. House cleaning also requires proper planning so as to be done perfectly by the end of the day. So much could be involved in the process of house cleaning that if you do not plan well for it, you might just end up skipping some parts that may be in serious need for cleaning. You will be able to clean every section of the home with regard to your house cleaning plan and that will make your work to be very easy. Many people loath taking on the task of cleaning the house because of the many tasks that it involves. If you are careful enough with planning your house cleaning, you will never have any reason to skip this important aspect to good health.


If you plan your house cleaning properly, you will be able to save so much time. Every bit in the house will be given the right time allocation and that means that there will be enough time set to carry out all the activities. If you spread your duties well within the day, you will be able to spare some time for yourself other that if you take up duties randomly. You will also be able to know which activities need what amount of time and the activities which are better done at the beginning or at the end of the house cleaning process. For example, it would just be appropriate to clean the roofs at the beginning of your day then get to the surfaces and finish up with the floors. In this manner, you will not have to redo surfaces that you have made dirty as you were cleaning other parts in the house.


Planning will also allow you to determine the appropriate house cleaning chemicals and methods that are suitable for different surfaces and materials in your home.  Effective house cleaning involves every section of the house getting cleaned. This may involve the windows, doors, upholstery, kitchen, floors, roof, walls and carpets. You may not be able to determine all the requirements for making the house to be as clean as necessary. Yu can now be able to find professional house cleaners into your home to do the work for you so as to have the feel of the clean environment that you need. Having the required knowledge in house cleaning, your household items will be given the best house cleaning treatments. With the house cleaning being done by professionals, you will be able to take care of issues which are of more importance to you and still come back to a very clean and hygienic house.



With professionals from, the right house cleaning chemicals will be used to clean your items and in combination with appropriate house cleaning methods, you will be sure to have a sparkling clean house when the house cleaning staffs leave your house.